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Teaching Staff

The Pohs Institute teaching staff consists of some of the finest instructors in the industry. Our reputation attracts the most qualified and skilled teaching professionals from the insurance/investment/banking industries.


At the Pre-Licensing level, the student is there to learn industry basics and to build a foundation of knowledge. It is a state-mandated curriculum, with no room for deviation. Effectively communicating this required material to the new student takes personality and a creative approach. We are fortunate to have found staff that offers both.

Continuing Education

In contrast to the Pre-Licensing curriculum, Continuing Education allows the instructor to bring their real-life experiences and practical knowledge into the classroom. At the CE level, there is an approved course outline to follow, but the material covered is much more comprehensive. In fact, our instructor's role is to be both facilitator and trainer, offering topics for discussion, often leading to a stimulating and challenging classroom environment.

The biggest challenge for the CE instructor is the “Professionals Teaching Professionals” dilemma. In most cases, the Pohs CE student is a seasoned insurance professional, with perhaps just as many years in the industry behind him/her as the instructor. In order to be effective, the instructor must utilize a fresh, creative approach, taking textbook material and making it real-life palatable for the student. The Pohs instructor knows how.

Our Philosophy on Training

You Never Stop Learning
In order to recruit and retain the most qualified teaching staff, Pohs Institute has developed the most thorough training program in the business. Before stepping into the classroom, the Pohs instructor must:
  • Sit for a comprehensive Interview
  • Take part in Practice Teaching sessions
  • Sit-in on classes in session with a master teacher
  • Enroll in our Teacher Training courses
Instructor Evaluation Program

At Pohs, our commitment to the student carries through to every aspect of their education, including the evaluaton of our teaching staff. We have instituted an Instructor Evaluation Program, which gives every student the chance to review his or her instructor at the end of a course. Pohs management strives to make sure our students are satisfied with our instructors' performance. With this innovative program, Pohs once again leads the way in our commitment to the success of our students.

"No other school offers the Pohs Institute level of service. It's that simple."