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Admission Requirements

Entrance Requirements:

  • General Insurance Course - must be 18 years of age
  • Life, Accident and Health Insurance Course - must be 18 years of age
  • Investigation and Claims Adjusting Course - must be 17 years of age

Equal Opportunity Policy:

POHS Institute is committed to a policy of equal opportunity. Enrollment will be offered to qualified persons without discrimination as to race, color, national origin, age or sex.

Regulations Governing Absences, Lateness, Make-Up Work, Interruption and Leaves:

Absences: Students will not qualify for school certification if they are absent more than:

9 hours - of the General Insurance Course

0 hours - of the Life, Accident and Health Course

9 hours - of the Investigation and Claims Adjusting Course

Lateness: Lateness and early departures will be counted as partial absence. The total time charged as lateness will be deducted in determining a student's compliance with the required hours of attendance in a course.

Make-Up Work: Students who are absent from a session may be permitted to make up the same session in another course given on different days or in a future course at any POHS Institute location.

Interruption and Leaves: Requests for leaves of absence must be in writing and subject to the approval of the director.

Standards of Performance and Grading:

Life, Accident and Health - Final exam. Passing grade 70%.

General Insurance - Final exam. Passing grade 70%

Investigation & Claims Adjusting - Final exam. Passing grade 65%.

Students are permitted make-up examinations. A fee of $25.00 is charged for make-up examination.

Requirement for Certificate of Completion: All students who meet the attendance requirements and pass the school examinations(s) and fulfill the financial obligation, will be issued a certificate of completion.

Financial Assistance:

No financial assistance is available from the State or Federal government.

Enrollment Dates:

Enrollments are accepted at all times, up to the first day of each course, provided there are available seats.

The student should be aware that some information may change. It is recommended that students considering enrollment check with the school to determine if there is any change from the information provided. Please be advised that the State Education Department separately licenses all pre-licensing teaching personnel and independently approves all courses and curricula offered.

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