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Commitment to Customer Service

When Pohs Institute was founded in 1921, Herbert Pohs laid the groundwork for the company’s commitment to superior customer service. Mr. Pohs was dedicated to personally assuring the success of his students, assisting them in any way he could. Pohs Institute of today is proud to continue this tradition, and has one primary focus: The success of our students.

Why Pohs Institute?

  • Our History of Success: Pohs Institute has been qualifying insurance agents and brokers since 1921 - a track record we are proud of, and one that we feel, speaks for itself.
  • Our Reputation: For over 80 years, our students have been referred to Pohs because of our excellent service and educational programs. After all, our reputation, as well as our student’s livelihood, is on the line.
  • Industry Specific Courses: At Pohs Institute, our courses are tailored to the insurance/banking/investment professional. This means that our students receive a targeted education.
  • Flexibility: Pohs has the ability to customize a schedule to meet the student's needs. We offer a variety of locations, schedules and courses to satisfy the individual and/or the company.
  • We Are Your State Liaison: Students will benefit from our excellent working relationship with State Insurance Departments.

How Is Pohs Institute Different?

The Pohs Institute Assurance Policy

This assures students the opportunity to return for pre-licensing training or review for up to 12 months from the date of enrollment at no additional tuition as long as they have completed their financial obligation. Pohs Institute is available to assist you with all your pre-licensing and continuing education requirements.

Our Service Goes Above and Beyond

Personalized Review

When a student is having trouble with course material, we arrange for a Personalized Review of the student’s academic performance. This allows students to zero in on those areas of study that need extra focus.

Our Committment

We recognize that every adult learns at a different level. Some are visual learners. Some are auditory learners, and some need to have "hands-on" learning experiences. We incorporate all these learning styles in our approach, with lectures, hand-outs, books and computer testing disks. We also offer private tutoring when an adult learner feels it is a necessity.

"No other school offers the Pohs Institute level of service. It's that simple."